General Questions

How is Pet Stop different from Invisible Fence® and other companies?

No other system can match the range of patented, customizable features and expert training offered by Pet Stop. Our dealers provide extensive hands-on training, which, combined with Pet Stop’s highly customizable systems, produce a 99.6% successful containment rating - the highest in the industry. Competitor systems are notorious for blind spots and holes, but only Pet Stop’s Tri-scannTM Omni-directional Antenna offers a full 360° of protection for your pet, ensuring they remain safe in your yard and out of your trash.

Founded in 1992, Pet Stop is managed by a team of industry pioneers with the most experience and highest pet aptitude in the business. Only Pet Stop combines our genuine love of pets with in-depth knowledge and commitment to technology to produce the finest, most reliable pet containment system in the world.

Are your products compatible with other systems?

Yes. Pet Stop is compatible with most other pet containment systems available on the market today, including Invisible Fence®.

Do you offer indoor systems?

Absolutely. Our indoor system is every bit as effective as our outdoor electronic fence system, but operates on a slightly different principle. The indoor unit is designed to customize areas of the home for your dog or cat to avoid, rather than keep contained within; however, the system can be used to limit a pet’s habitat if need be. Find out more about our indoor unit by visiting products.

How do your warranty policies work?

When you buy into a Pet Stop system, we’re confident you’re purchasing hands-down the best containment system on the market. This belief in the effectiveness of our products makes it possible for us to offer a lifetime warranty, as well as the following simple offer: if you can find a more advanced pet fence system than Pet Stop, we’ll buy it for you. Period.

Can I take my system with me if I move?

Absolutely. All you’ll need is wire installation to fence in the boundaries at your new location. Contact your dealer for more information.

How much does Pet Stop cost?

Bearing in mind market and location, any provider of pet fencing differs in cost; however, as a rule of thumb, a professionally installed system can range from $850 to $1,500, depending on yard size, number of pets, and installation.

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Training & Effectiveness


Do pet fencing systems really work?

With the proper training and professional installation, our fencing system is extremely effective. Our dealers are specialists with years of knowledge, so you can rest assured we have the most advanced pet fence system in the industry. In fact, our customer feedback rates Pet Stop's containment effectiveness at a very successful 99.6%.

How is Pet Stop different from the self-installed systems available?

Two critical differences really. The first is the initial training your pet receives from our dealer. Incorrect training makes for disappointing results. The second–and even more important reason–is that not all training is permanent. Over time your pets can become accustomed to their system, which can lead to a breakdown in their controlled boundaries. By combining a wide array of receiver settings with our tried and tested training techniques, Pet Stop has a significant advantage over these other products and can manage behavioral concerns before they develop into bad habits.

How much training is involved?

Initially, your pet receives a week of focused handling and exposure to various correction techniques, followed by a week of less intensive training–so roughly two weeks.

Do I take part in the training process?

Absolutely. Your participation is a crucial part of the process. We do realize, of course, in today's busy world that your time is a precious commodity. So for an additional charge most Pet Stop dealers offer a full training package. If this interests you, please inquire with your local dealer.

How reliable are Pet Stop’s dealers?

Each dealer carries insurance and employs only trained personnel. That means they're there when you need them, and service is always prompt and efficient. In today’s complicated world it's reassuring to know that a Pet Stop dealer will be there when you need them the most.

Does the correction hurt?

Like you, we love pets. All pets! The last thing we’d ever want to do is harm them. Our focus is keeping them safe, not hurting them. Clinical research tests have been conducted over the course of many years, the results proving that this type of correction is harmless. Our system is designed with your pet's comfort in mind, and the correction techniques we utilize work as a "startling effect" rather than inflicting any sort of pain.

My dog is stubborn, does the system work on all breeds?

Sometimes we might encounter a pet with an especially thick coat of hair that requires trimming for the system to work properly, but we've never met a particular breed we couldn’t train effectively.

Does Pet Stop work with cats?

Absolutely. We’re proud to have one of the most effective systems on the market for cats as well as dogs. Sure, electronic fence systems were originally designed with dogs in mind, but our feline containment program is very successful, especially in establishing cat-free zones within the home.

Can Pet Stop handle multiple pets and containment needs?

Sure we can. We can handle multiple pets with customized areas for each. See our product combinations for more details.

How do I take my pet outside the boundary?

Your Pet Stop dealer will instruct you on how to effectively take your pet on a venture outside your property's containment area, but this is best done only after your pet is properly acclimated to their new boundaries at home.

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Transmitters & Receivers

Are the receivers programmable to fit my animal’s weight, size, and temperament?

We study pets constantly. The Pet Stop pet fence system contains over 5,000 settings tailored to accommodate every kind of pet and personality, so chances are our engineers and programmers have developed a setting designed almost exclusively for your beloved dog or cat.

Do you have a remote trainer compatible to your receiver?

We do carry a line of quality trainers. These are not inexpensive China made products but rather quality products made by Europe’s most respected manufacturer. When it comes to your pet, we believe in providing quality goods and services. You’ll find these trainers available for purchase on our website at and through participating dealers.

What's the difference between AM/FM and a DM signal?

Most systems use an AM or FM radio wave frequency and operate the same way regardless of the type of signal. Pet Stop features FCC-approved Digital Modulation–or DM–technology. This higher, clearer method has been proven as the most effective way to guard against false activation and interference from other signals. It also allows for a wider array of multiple frequencies, which is an effective way to avoid interference if your neighbor has a similar system–or installs Pet Stop after seeing how well we work for you and your pet!

How long does the battery last, and where can I get one?

Battery life depends on how frequently your pet challenges the system. In most cases, the battery lasts from three months to a year. Of course, when the battery runs low, Pet Stop's Flash Alert® lets you know when it needs replacing. Batteries are available from your authorized Pet Stop dealer.

Do you have a battery plan?

Replacement battery plans are available through your Pet Stop Dealer, or by visiting our website at

Do you offer a battery back-up system for your transmitters?

We do. Our outdoor transmitter has a protective Zapp Alert® feature built into it, but power outages do happen and back-up plans are always a good idea. Ask your dealer for more details about how you can set up a self-sufficient back-up transmitter in the event that your primary one should unexpectedly lose power.

Are your receivers water-resistant?

Pet Stop receivers are resistant to moisture, so it’s okay to keep it on while bathing your dog, or if they get wet in other ways such as during a sudden rainfall or a swim in the lake.


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