Why An Electronic Pet Fence From Pet Stop of Traverse City?


The answer is simple - our pet fences are better than the rest. What makes us better?

Quality of Service – First, it's important to work with people that you trust. We are a company that responds quickly to your needs, we solve your problems, and create lasting relationships. We wouldn't still be in business, since 2003, if our customers were not receiving great service.

Advanced Technology – Pet Stop has the most innovative and best technology available to provide you and your pet with the most practical and safest solution. Pet Stop is the ONLY pet containment equipment manufactured,designed and assembled in USA.

Value – The value that we bring is that we offer you the best product, best service, safest training and the ability to solve your problems at an affordable price.

Unique, Customizable Features – All of Pet Stop transmitters and receivers have digital technology. With the advanced technology in our equipment it allows us to adapt the system to suit you and your pet. Our product can also work with other major brands.

Quality Electric Pet Containment with Pet Stop® Brand Fencing

The Petstop Pedigree - 100% Made in the USA by Industry Experts!

In a time when many companies are outsourcing production overseas, Pet Stop® is the ONLY electric pet fence manufacturer that still has all of it's products 100% designed, tested, and manufactured right here in the USA! This helps ensure that you're getting the safest, most durable product available - why settle for anything less when it comes to your pet's safety and happiness?

As the fastest growing pet containment company in the USA, it's no wonder that we employ a small army of electric pet fencing industry experts, including several former employees of  Invisible Fence®...including the founder of Invisible Fence®,  With our expertise and commitment to providing the best pet fencing products possible, Pet Stop's pedigree is second to none! 


The Most Technologically Advanced and Most Humane Pet Containment System Available!

The Pet Stop Brand of Pet Fence Systems differentiates itself from it's competitors by engineering and offering a number of patented features making Pet Stop the Most Advanced and the Most Humane pet fence product on the market. In addition, our unique GentleSteps training experience has been proven to more quickly teach your pets their boundaries.

No blind spots or "holes" because all our receivers incorporate THREE antennas ensuring full 360 degrees of signal detection.

Uniquely designed probes to provide your pet with comfort and safety. No steel pins or abrasive metal, only the comfort of soft rubber will touch your pet's neck.

No more guessing when to change the battery. Never purchase an expensive battery you don't need. This patented feature will flash brightly to alert you when the receiver battery needs changing.

Battery Duty Cycling 
This patented feature extends the battery life to its maximum potential. With Pet Stop your batteries last up to one full year.

Most products offer some sort of safety shut off but only Pet Stop products will shut off AND STAY OFF until your pet is free from the signal. Other products cycle on and off. Only with Pet Stop receivers can you feel confident of maximum protection from continuous activation.

Progressive Levels of Correction incorporating anti-run through technology. 
Our receivers detect both how long your pet stays in the signal field and how deeply they enter it. The longer and deeper your pet is in the field, the higher the level of correction. This means your pets won't receive more correction than they deserve while maximum protection is still there when needed.

StayAway™ - Anti-Linger System 
With some products pets quickly learn that the warning signal has no consequence. Not with Pet Stop receivers. Our receivers calculate the time your pet stays in the warning field and gradually increase the correction level until they retreat. This saves battery life and, more importantly, reinforces the initial training and conditioning.

The Pet Stop Quality Guarantee

Pet Stop products are covered under a lifetime warranty or a 2 year limited warranty. The OT-200 & OT-300  outdoor transmitter and receivers are backed by Lifetime Warranty. The OT-100 is backed by a 2 year limited warranty. Our indoor transmitter carries a 24 month warranty.


          No other pet containment company would dare make this statement:

"If you can find a more advance pet containment system than Pet Stop, we will buy it for you"

 Warranty: Even damage not normally covered under the lifetime warranty carries only a nominal charge, so you'll never have to buy a piece of equipment again at the full retail price. shipping and handling charges apply. 

Pet Stop of Traverse City and Bow Wow Boundaries LLC provides direct manufacturer warranties only on Pet Stop® brand electronic fence
products and is not affiliated with any pet containment manufacturer other than Pet Stop®.


Ask us about our special trade in pricing for Invisible Fence® or these other brands of electric pet fence systems.

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